Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a Display Name?

The Display Name is the informal ‘nickname’ you want to communicate with to landlords and prospective housemates. This should only be in alphabetic form and not use any numbers.

What is ‘Team Up’?

‘Team Up’ helps you to find housemates similar to yourself by matching you based on hobbies and interests.

What is ‘Pet Friendly Accommodation’?

This refers to whether you require pets to live with you in the household or not.

What is ‘Bicycle Parking’?

This refers to an area designated to lock your bicycles up

What does it mean by ‘Smoking’?

This is for you to declare if you are a smoker or not to make the landlord aware

What does it mean by ‘Availability for Viewings’?

Use this function to inform landlords what days and times of the week you are available to view properties.

What does it mean by ‘Gender Preference’?

This is asking if you have a preferred gender you would want to live with.

How do I edit my settings?

Simply click your name icon on the top right corner of the site to enter the ‘Dashboard’. Under ‘Edit my Profile’ you can make all amendments such as changing your security settings or communication preferences.

How can I tell if I’ve received a message?

You will always receive a notification for messages - just click the notification bell icon in the top right corner of your page or alternatively visit your dashboard where you’ll find messages in the ‘Messages’ tab.

What are ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’?

Likes - you are able to give and receive likes for properties to express your interest to the landlord and potentially open a dialogue. It’s also a great way to keep a log of properties you’re interested in. You can find your likes under the ‘Likes’ section in your Dashboard.


Dislikes - you can dislike a property to help narrow your search down. If you are logged in and dislike an advert then as long as you are logged in (for however long that may be), you will not see that advert again. Make sure you’re logged in when you dislike a property though or there’s no way of tracking peoples dislikes. Please note we do not inform the advertiser that their advert has been disliked.

What is a ‘Loft Room’?

The ‘Loft Room’ selection refers to the room on the top floor of a property, a room that has usually been converted from an attic.

What is ‘Purpose Built Accommodation’?

This refers to off-campus accommodation built for students to cater to their specific needs.

What is a ‘Live in Landlord’?

A live in landlord refers to the owner/landlord of the property living in that same property.

Under the ‘Cleaner’ section what does it mean by ‘Housemates Rota’?

This refers to housemates dedicating specific times to each other, taking it in turns to clean the property.

What is an ‘Extra Charge for Couples’?

This is when a landlord will charge a couple/partners more for their stay as there are two people living in the property instead of one.

What does it mean by ‘Accompanied Children Allowed’?

This refers to landlords allowing children to stay with the parent in the property without added cost.

What does it mean ‘Bills included’ and ‘Bills not included’?

If bills are included this means the total sum of rent includes all the bills of your stay in the property - electricity, gas, water etc. Bills not included means that you have to pay these separately to the price of rent.

How does video calling work?

You can select video calling by clicking ‘Contact (landlord name)’ on the page of the room advert or alternatively select the ‘Video Call’ button within your messages tab located in your dashboard which you can access by clicking on your profile icon e.g. ‘Samuel Thomas’ - located in the top right hand corner of the site. To use this function ensure you coordinate with one another before the call, as to receive the call you need to have the messages tab open first.

How will you use my data?

Please refer to our terms of use section:

My question is not listed - what do I do?

Please feel free to contact us with any queries not listed here at any time: