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Room For Rent

Advertise your Room for Rent

If you need to advertise your room for rent, you’re in the right place. Whether you’re an experienced HMO Landlord, completely new to the renting business or someone with a spare room in your home, you can advertise it on our website from just £20. 

Room to rent is an easy-to-use site connecting people looking to rent a room, landlords, tenants and student housing providers.

Some of our landlords want their rental property to provide them with an income. Others manage their rental properties in addition to their day jobs and are building a nest-egg for retirement. All of them have discovered that renting their property out by the room can double or treble their rental income.

Where to advertise my HMO Room for Rent

What’s the best way to find a suitable tenant?

Landlords looking for a new tenant to occupy a room in their home of multiple occupancy (HMO) can easily list multiple rooms on Room to rent. Don’t forget to list the rent (usually including bills for HMOs), how many other occupants are in the property, plenty of good quality pictures, the deposit, the shared facilities in the house of the property and the date the room will be available. Adding a video helps your property stand out.

What to charge for my spare room to let?

Have a look at rooms to rent in your area. Which ones have been advertised for a while? Hit the market with the right rent, rather than advertising a high rent and then having to lower it. People looking for a room to rent love to see new listings but they can spot a reasonably priced room. You could lose half of your initial enquiries with overpricing. 

When your property is vacant, you’re losing money, but the costs of your investment remain fixed. So we can see the value of planning to maximise occupancy rates and minimising empty periods. Renting out your entire property to a family or couple may seem the simplest option but when they leave you’re stuck with no rent coming in again till you find suitable replacements, take up references and sort the finances. Choosing to rent by the room, you are unlikely to have the whole property empty. If one tenant leaves, you will have an income from the remaining tenants while you find the ideal replacement.

Spare room advertising

You can advertise spare rooms in your own home with Room to rent.

Have a think about house rules, such as which room the lodger is permitted to have as their room and those they can access (e.g. you may not want them using your office). Consider the rent (usually including bills for lodgers), the deposit and the date of availability.

Advertising student rooms to Let

Is your investment property near a university? Advertising student rooms to let gives you a reasonable chance of long-term occupation.

We have designed Room to rent to be the ideal website for renting rooms to students. You can easily create your advert and start replying to tenants immediately. If the price is appropriate, you will get enquiries and requests to view the room. You will need to create a tenancy agreement. Advertising your student room to rent, managing the enquiries and references and selecting a suitable tenant is a quick and efficient process.

Student houses are often found in high density student areas in the UK’s university towns and cities. Many cities have famous student communities, like Manchester’s Fallowfield or Newcastle’s Osborne Road. London is different, with students spread all over the city and some travelling from outside to reduce their rent. 

If your rental property is in one of these student areas, it seems sensible to start letting to students. Maybe you spotted that opportunity when you bought the property, or just the kind of tenant that replies to your advert— even if it wasn’t a dedicated student property advert. 

How to Advertise Student Accommodation

Just like advertising non-student housing, the best place to advertise your student property is online. Here is where to find the best traffic from tenants, and therefore will give your property the most requests, helping you rent it out quickly with a good number of tenants to choose from. 

Advertising a Room to Let

Room to rent welcomes anyone looking to advertise a room for rent to list with us for free. Sign up and create an account, then you will be able to manage your spare rooms from your seller dashboard. You get notifications when a potential tenant likes your room and if they want to contact you to find out more. Your dashboard gives you the option to upgrade your listings; highlight a room for rent as urgent or feature a spare room at the top of the search results – these are quick and easy tasks with Room to rent.

Website for Renting Rooms

Our users are delighted with the speed of letting their spare rooms. Many were previously dissatisfied with high agency fees. They were puzzled at the size of the bills and felt their agents were less motivated with room rentals, seeing whole property rentals or sales as more important. Once our landlords have started to manage their own spare room lets, they save hundreds of pounds in fees and often thousands. They were amazed to discover how easy it was to advertise rooms on the internet and immediately reach many prospective tenants.

Landlords can advertise their property as well as make direct contact with people looking for a room to rent for free. Don’t worry any more about 10-15% of your annual rent in Agency fees. Room to rent gives you a 100% Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked. As a landlord you’re the perfect person to assess enquiries and arrange viewings, you will know the type of tenant you’re looking for and be able to develop a relationship with them from the start. Accompanying your own viewings is time-consuming, a job often given to an agent. But it’s a great opportunity to chat to your prospective tenant, learn more about them and explain the key benefits of your property.

At Room to rent, we work hard behind the scenes to check every listing before setting them live to keep tenants and flatmates safe. We ensure we only feature the very best quality rooms to rent and we’re always here for landlords with expert advice and the latest industry tips.