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Finding a room to rent

If you’re searching for a room to rent you’re in the right place. Room to rent is an easy-to-use site connecting people looking to rent a room with landlords, other tenants and student housing providers.

Our site is suitable for anyone looking for a single room to rent in a house or flat, right across the UK - from students looking for accommodation in their university town to professionals moving nearer to their place of work.

How do I start looking for a room to rent?

To start looking for a room to rent, create an account with Room to rent and set up your tenant profile. In your profile you’ll be able to set your search location as well as your preferences for a rental room such as the type of property or facilities provided.

What can I expect for my budget?

Generally speaking, you’ll pay more rent for rooms in city-based properties. Plus, the bigger the room, the higher the monthly rent will be especially if it also has private facilities such as an en-suite bathroom. It’s best to decide on your must-haves for a rental room and be prepared to compromise on other areas if you need to keep to a budget.

What else do I need to consider when choosing a room to rent?

Location - Remember to think about whether you need to be near public transport links or if you have a car you might need onsite parking

Furnished or unfurnished – some rental rooms will come fully furnished and include all the essentials such as a bed, wardrobe and even a desk. Renting a room furnished is more convenient but can be more expensive, so deciding whether you want to rent a room furnished or unfurnished will depend on your budget.

Live in landlord – in some rental properties the landlord will live on site and stay in one of the other rooms in the property. You may prefer this as it makes it really easy to sort out any issues should they arise.

Housemates – finding the right room to rent is only half the task. You also need to consider who else will be living there with you and if they suit your lifestyle. Room to rent offer a ‘Team up’ function that helps you to find like minded housemates. You just need to create a profile and identify your preferred housemates to get started.